I am a Psychologist in Newport Beach, California. I am an author and have co-hosted a weekly national radio show.  I am skilled at getting to the core of your problems rapidly-- so that you don't have to be stuck in repetitive or destructive cycles.  

I help all kinds of people, teen to adult: professors, students, artists, musicians, pastors, teenagers, parents, etc.  I have experience working with issues such as: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, intimacy/relationship problems, writer's block, and much more.  I also enjoy, and am extensively trained in integrating spiritual health with your psychological health (upon request).


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TwitterI make every effort to update Twitter daily with encouraging quotes, transformative links, plus songs to help these changes to take place! @DrCherylM

YouTubeOn YouTube, I created a channel with some of my seminars, videos, favorites, plus playlists to purposeful, therapeutic songs. YouTube